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Established in 2017


So by now you've dove into our work and you may be wondering what our origin story is?! We have a friend, Alex, who is also a wedding videographer in South Dakota (Uncharted Visuals, Check him out, he's amazing!) and he came to take our engagement photos in October of 2017. While he was here he had a hard drive with wedding footage saved on it and asked if I would be willing to take a crack at editing it for him (he's a busy guy!) I was so excited to work with some great footage and create something, not only to help my friend, but see how I enjoyed this type of work. From the first 10 seconds of the edit, I was hooked. I finished the wedding film for him in a little over a week and he was blown away with how it turned out, without me having prior experience. Alex's excitement and reactions that video got really inspired me to pick up a camera again and start shooting video. In February of 2018 I decided to throw my hat in the video industry ring and have the camera in my hands full time! Since beginning we have shot over 15 weddings (3 being destination weddings), shot for various local businesses, and even Cirque Du Soleil! We seriously cant even imagine where this amazing business will take us in the future but we are extremely excited to find out! 

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